Low band aerial for the Winter

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Low band aerial for the Winter

Postby M3DPQ on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:43 am

Any one who likes working 80M &160M through the winter on the DX part of the band or using the Grey line, morning or evening, On page 26 in Radcom W1BB Has a inverted L aerial he has used since 1981, I put this aerial up in 1982 for SWL its an old Marconi idea mine fires off to the NW can hear USA, NZ VK .I agree with him about radials above ground and below the more the better the cable I use is Tri rated 7mm and has 63 strands of copper, cable and capacitor three insulators are about £15 cheap as a mag mount,
And on page 48 in Radcom by John Welsh G0NVZ Part one on the importance of a good earth some thing the modern radio Ham is sadly not using. Look forward to part two, roll on the winter. Bob M3DPQ
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