RadioOddity 2m/70cm Cheap DMR Radio - review / help

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RadioOddity 2m/70cm Cheap DMR Radio - review / help

Postby M0MMZ on Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:04 pm

On Monday, Malcolm, M0GXZ put me onto this so I ordered one from Amazon which turned up the following day.

First of all, the price. Right now, these are £76.99. If you have a "Prime" account, these will turn up next day. In addition, if you club together, you get 10% off 2 or more.

I bought into the first "cheap" series of Tytera DMRs on release which were around £150 for the 70cm model. The problem with this was my nearest DMR repeater (Tring) is a 2m one and at the time, the only 2m DMR repeater in the Country. The 2m Tytera had a £30 premium too.

I'm quite new to this radio, so getting used to it, but I got a lot of help at the following places;
The Official Facebook Group
Roger Clark's Excellent Website
He's also re-engineered the software so it's slightly easier to use.
Radio Reference appears to be the "go-to" place too. One of the problems with the Facebook group is that it's heavily moderated by RadioOddity themselves and any negative or "alternative" views are quickly killed.

Hardware and firmware wise, whilst there appears to be quite a lot of memory space, bizarrely, it's limited right now. With each firmware, they appear to allow more of it to be used (for instance, out of the box you can only store 256 contacts, but with the new one, you can now store 1024)

It also appears to be the same radio as the TYT MD-760. TYT, Tytera, RadioOddity and Baofeng (amongst others) appear to be the same company. As the MD-760 takes off, hopefully the firmware will become a little more stable. Right now, it feels like beta testing the product - see this thread

I'll provide a codeplug shortly for the "out-of-the-box" firmware, however, I need to rewrite it for the new firmware.
For reference: OOB, the radio should come with 2.6.06 Firmware and Software 1.18. This is stable. The latest version of firmware is 3.06 and software 2.05. These are not compatible with each other so if you have a codeplug for 1.18, you need to rewrite it for 2.05. You can import / export contacts and channels into each other (with some excel wizardry).

As a suggestion, if you want to take an existing codeplug and modify it (as I did), I would recommend G6HSMs codeplug for 1.18 software

Alternatively, for the latest software release, you can start with G7RVHs codeplug

Under "General" YOu'll need to rename the radio with your callsign and DMR ID. In addition, make sure you have a contact record under Digital otherwise you may have trouble with Analogue repeaters.

The other problem with the radio is that you need to setup RX Groups. If you don't, you can't actually hear anything! There's a lot of criticism about around this.
Have a read about RX Groups here

Once I get some stable software and a stable codeplug (with all the local repeaters), I'll release it free-for-all.
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